The tests only take into account the speed of a specific link made up of the computer of the subscriber wishing to test its speed (with its own memory, disk and network port), of the test server but also of the path connecting the two. The use of the unifi broadband plan offers a great respite in this case.

unifi broadband plan

This Path Itself Includes

  • the local network (with its switch (s), plugs, etc.) and the subscriber’s modem,
  • the operator / customer connection network,
  • any inter-operator links (in this case the link also includes the network of other operators involved),
  • connection to the test server, the modem associated with this server and finally its local network with any firewalls, routers, etc.

Please note, nothing indicates that the results obtained apply in the majority of cases!

The speed of data exchange will indeed vary according to the geographical locations of the data sending and receiving points, but also according to the path used for the transfer.

How To Improve The Speed Of Your Internet Connection

If after launching your speed test procedures to assess your internet connection your results turn out to be poor, you can try to remedy this by various means.

Before trying anything, first reset your box. This is sometimes sufficient to remedy certain connection speed problems. To avoid network interference, you can use an Internet cable.

Good To Know

For information, a good connection speed reveals:

  • a high upward flow,
  • a high downward flow also,
  • a time low latency,
  • a low jitter.

To do this, you simply need to connect your computer to your internet box in order to benefit from a qualitative connection.

If your connection is good but you have trouble searching or downloading certain rooms in your home, you can use an internet booster.

Finally, if you are unable to remedy your slow connection problems, you can change your offer (to benefit from fiber, for example) or even change your supplier.

Some Facts About Internet Connection Speed

Internet connection speed is fundamentally the limit, in bytes each second, of an Internet connection as it moves information between the Internet and a client’s gadget. In present day phrasing, information speed is estimated in megabytes each second (Mbps) and kilobytes each second (Kbps). One megabyte approaches 1024 kilobytes, so a 1.0 Mbps connection multiple times quicker than a 1.0 Kbps connection.