If you are planning to go to Kuala Lumpur anytime soon, you need to be aware that it is pretty huge and spread out city. That being said, you can indulge yourself in KL Girl Service in Malaysia, sampling some of the city’s street eats, or venture towards some of Malaysia’s best tourist spots.

All of these things cannot be enjoyed within a single day which prompts travelers to get a place to stay. But, with so many different hotels in Malaysia, you will have a hard time choosing the right one.

Impiana Hotel

Impiana Hotel provides you with very comfortable rooms at an affordable price. That being said, you can find a spa, a fitness center, and some restaurants that serve quite a lot of dishes from different parts of the world.

Aside from that, your room will have ample storage space thanks to the walk-in cabinets, and you can also find private bathrooms, satellite TV, a mini-bar, and even free WiFi as well.

Traders Hotel

People who do not mind spending a lot of money would definitely love the more luxurious Traders Hotel. It’s got a really huge indoor swimming pool, a spa where you can get a massage and relax, and they’ve even got a fitness center that is complete with personal trainers and all of the fitness equipment you will ever need.

One of its main features is its Sky Bar which offers not only delicious food, but also a perfect view of the entire city as well.

Hotel Petaling

Located in Chinatown, this serves as a budget hotel. But nevertheless, it provides you with basic necessities that you can expect in a hotel while also giving you the best location possible where the city’s main attractions are just a couple of blocks away.

EST New Loft Studio

If you are in Bangsar and you want a comfortable place to stay without breaking the bank, then you may want to fire up your Airbnb and get a reservation in the EST New Loft Studio.

The studio is quite spacious and will provide you with several beds right off the bad. You can have the option to get new beds to be added to your room when needed.

The spacious and comfortable place and its breakfast bar, all while you’re paying a lot less money than the other places to stay on this list, make it a perfect place worth considering if you are in Bangsar.