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There are indeed many games that we can play online and I think we all know that. No, I’m not talking about the games that are from the internet but what I mean is the games that use the internet connection in order to work. Therefore games like Fortnite or Apex Legends, even Forza Horizon, are all considered as online games that run on using the internet connection to the server. With that being said let’s dive in. 


There are many types of games in this world. From PC games to consoles to mobile even because the mobile phone in today’s standard is able to run so well, powered by the insane new chipsets in our phones. So what are the type of games then and if you want to know what type of gamer you are then here is your way to put yourselves in the category when talking to your friends.

game mega888 online

We will be looking into the simple few categories and not go in all too crazy because many of us only play a few types and not all of them. So we will be only talking about the few categories that many people are playing. Let’s go!


  1. Sandbox

Sandbox is a game without real goals. There is no princess to protect or save or bosses to kill but what Sandbox can give you is the open-world experience. You have a short mission but you are able to complete the game entirely by yourself and do not need to follow set rules in order to accomplish the mission. This will enable you to have a very immersive experience in this kind of game because you are able to use many different ways of your own to complete missions and tasks and this gives you a chance to experiment and play around. Games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto and the SIms are examples of such games.


  1. Shooter

Shooters literally give you the whole idea of the game. It is a shooting game! While there are many shooting games out there in the market, still it comes down to two main categories of shooting games. First is the First person shooter (FPS) as well as Third person Shooter (TPS). Games like Apex Legends or Rainbow 6 Siege use FPS as their main type of shooting games. These are fun immersive fast paced games that give you a first person point of view. The other side of the spectrum, games like Fortnite and Pubg operate on TPS. This gives you the feel that you are controlling a character on screen. It also gives you the bird’s eye view effect. 


  1. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

I know. It’s very long but there is a famous shortcut for it. Its initials, MOBA. MOBA is the type of game that gives you a top down view and is a real time strategy game where you need to strategies accordingly and attack the other player. You are able to control the player and fight inside the map. These games include the famous esport Dota 2 as well as League of Legends. It gives you the commanding role and your game generals will put into fight.


  1. Simulations and Sports

Simulation also like shooter games tells you the whole idea of the game and that is to simulate the real world. What this does is to let you have the same physics as the real world and is able to interpret into digital terms and let you enjoy. Games like Formula 1 2022 gives you the feel of driving the real formula 1 car without ever stepping into one or flying an F-18 Super Hornet without the need to find the opportunity to sit in one. 


  1. Online Casino

Then there are the Casino games. It is starting to come up liken to your blackjack on your Microsoft computer, these games run online and use real currency to start playing. These games let you play in the casino without actually playing in the casino and you can even win a few rounds! If you are into this kind of genre and want to play then you can game mega888 online and some other types of casino games through its platforms.


So there you have it! There are many games in this world that you can play throughout the time of your life but what stands now is what games are you playing and what category do you fall under? And yes, you can be in one or more categories, there is no need to only choose one. Gamers, game away!

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