Presently, everything is becoming digital. As a result, blockchain experts are in dire need. Employers currently are looking to hire blockchain experts as well. Hence, this article will cover the basics of what you need to become a blockchain expert. Perhaps, you can even get a certification and become a certified blockchain expert Malaysia

Therefore, some skills that you need to become an expert in blockchain are:

  • Knowledge of programming languages 
  • The capability to design and select components for blockchain
  • Understand the traits of important blockchain technology
  • Understand and able to explain the uses of blockchain
  • Skills in blockchain tools and systems

Apart from that, the knowledge that you need to know to become a blockchain expert are:

  1. Technology and Enterprise Knowledge

Blockchain expert employers look for people with high knowledge in blockchain technology as well as business models. Thus, only knowing the basics like how to use technology isn’t good enough. 

  1. Understand decentralized and distributed ledgers

Understanding the difference between decentralized networks and distributed ledgers and how to use them is important. Start by going through how these ledgers work and how to implement them in different situations. 

  1. Know how to use programming languages

Learn the programming languages and their differences. This is one of the essential things you need to be a blockchain expert. Hence, you should definitely learn your Python, JavaScript, C++, Java, and so on.   

  1. Develop broad skills

Broad skills include creative thinking, analyzing efficiency, adaptability, and so on. Always be eager to develop these skills to land a good job. 

  1. Research existing blockchain platforms

To understand and get a good picture of blockchain platforms, observe others and see how they do it. Not all blockchain platform works the same way, hence, this could be your ticket to getting new ideas and gaining new perspectives. Showcasing your knowledge could be beneficial for your interview. 

  1. Learn about business processes

If you’re eyeing a top company, you have to showcase what you have learned about their company. Or else, you won’t be considered. Hence, explaining what you know about their business processes is one of them. You may need the knowledge when you are strategizing for your company’s next step in using blockchain. 

  1. Know how to solve blockchain problems

When a new technology is used in the business model, a lot of problems will arise. There will always be a trial and error phase. Hence, it is important that you know to resolve this issue so it won’t lead to bigger issues. 

  1. Know about blockchain ecosystems and standards

Each blockchain platforms use different standards. You may have to utilize a certain standard for a certain platform, hence, implementing a different standard to the said platform could cause a lot of problems. The blockchain ecosystem is vast, so you have to familiarize yourself with them.