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Now with mobile gaming becoming popular, it is no wonder that you can find a lot of people who game on their mobile phones these days. With mobile gaming becoming mainstream, you will stumble upon many types of mobile gamers. Regardless of the platform gamers play on. They are all the same. In this article, we will be explaining to you on the types of mobile game players.


    1. Casual Gamer – Typically the chilled one. These types of players only game during their spare time to either relax their mind or pass the time. They do not invest so much into video games. You can either have fun or get stressed when you play with casual gamers. You can have fun because they are non-toxic and casual, a good buddy to play with. You can get stressed because they are a noob
    2. The gambler – These players are low-key gamblers. Sometimes you wonder where they get their money from. These players will often engage themselves in loot boxes in games. A loot box is a form of gambling in video games where players spend real-life money to unlock either expensive video game character skins or expensive upgrades. Maybe in the future, they will start playing slot games online for mobile malaysia.
    3. The Toxic – These kinds of players are scary to play with. They are just so toxic. They are toxic in the entire toxicity spectrum where they flamed teammates a lot, raged when things don’t go their way. They do not care even if you are their friend, they will still rage at you. If you stand this kind of behaviour, then it’s good for you. If you can’t, better to not play with them.
    4. The SimpSimp is an insult to describe a person (normally a guy), who is head over heels in love with a girl. Often, where there is a female gamer in the lobby, these simp male gamers will do anything they can to get the female gamer’s attention. When they play with their guy friends, they are often toxic with them. However, when it comes to female gamers, they suddenly become so gentle, caring and teaching. But at the end of the day, the female gamer does not care about them. So, it’s a loss for the simp.
    5. The noob – The noob gamer is a gamer who is bad with every game they play. No matter how much they play, their skillset remains the same. Good players to play with for casual gaming, but bad for competitive multiplayer.
    6. The Pro – You love to have this gamer around. They are professional gamers where they actually make a living out of it. Playing in a multiplayer match with them is a blessing as they can help you to carry the game. Thus, helping you to rank up.


So what do you think? What time of gamer do you think you are? Remember to not overstress yourself with video games. If you find yourself to be stress, go outside and go for a walk to cool yourself down. With that being said, happy gaming!

Slot game online for mobile malaysia