People who love reading typically prefer physical books as they are used to it and they love the smell of paper. Compared to online books, buying the physical book is a better way of supporting the author as you can increase their physical sales and increase their rankings in the monthly list of book recommendations. In Malaysia, you can see these rankings through the boards in big bookstores like Popular and MPH. However, it is hard not to be charmed at the appeal of online books where it is easy to access and not to mention, very convenient. 

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Physical books can be a burden to carry as most books have more than 300 pages. This means that you have to bring heavy books everywhere with you just to read them during your free time at work or classes. It is understandable that many readers decided to switch to online books where they can read using their smartphones at any time they want. There are, after all, many websites on the Internet that you can use to read books online. 

Google Books

Do you know that you can also support the authors despite reading their book online and not buying the physical books? This is because some websites like Google books only allow you to preview the books and you have to purchase the ebook if you want to read the rest. Usually you will be able to read about 20% of the book for free and you have to purchase the rest of the chapters. Hence, you can enjoy reading them as you will be supporting the author although not through physical sales of the book. A large collection of books have been assembled in Google Books as they scanned and turned all the books into viewable files for the users. This means that you should be able to preview many samples of the book here before deciding to purchase the ebook to read the whole book.

Internet Archive

As a non-profit organisation that offers access to digital or digitised content of books, images and videos, you can use this website for free. It is very easy to borrow some books from the millions of choices they offer on the website once you register an account for Internet Archive. It is amazing that there are over 25,000,000 fully accessible books and text files recorded in the catalog. Interested to know more about how this website works? You can easily find the book you want by using the search box in the top right corner.


This website is one of the well-known platforms used by online readers all around the world. Once you sign up, you will receive notifications once the  latest ebooks are available on the website. In a way, Goodreads encourage readers to read even more by keeping their users up-to-date with new ebooks. If you are lucky, you can get some ebooks for free during their regular giveaways. Another advantage of using this website is that it offers different formats for different devices. This means that you can continue reading using multiple devices.

Last Words

As shown above, there are many reliable websites out there for you to get your online books from. Take this to your advantage and we should really thank the website designers for producing such great websites for us to use. Check out malaysia website design if you want to know more about website designing.