This article focuses on the top five mistakes that web designers should avoid while creating a website for the Malaysian market. Errors in website design can occasionally lead users to be irritated and frustrated. It not only causes customer displeasure, but it may also drive users to give the website a low rating, tarnishing the rating in the public eye.

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Error Trend 1: Website Design that is NOT MOBILE USER FRIENDLY

The majority of Malaysians choose to access the internet on their cellphones rather than on their laptops or PCs. According to a report, smartphones are used by over 70% of Malaysians due to their mobility and lower cost than PCs. As a result, a non-mobile user-friendly website may degrade the user experience and may cause the user to abandon the website, resulting in failed marketing.

Error Trend 2: Loading Page is SLOW…..

When it comes to switching between multiple websites, speed is crucial. The website surfer will have a better user experience if the loading time is faster. This is extremely significant since users may need to obtain or execute vital activities, such as payments or transactions, promptly. However, a poor loading speed would irritate users, negatively impacting the user experience and website ranking.

Error Trend 3: No unavailable/ ‘404’ page 

Most website users avoid using an inaccessible blog since an unavailable website is unable to provide any information to the readers. This is because the website’s link was changed, the website was being relocated to another page, or was being erased. This 404 page’s information is crucial for returning readers to the home page or, better yet, recommending what is most comparable to what they are looking for. If there is no decent 404 design or information, potential clients will depart.

Error Trend 4: Distractive POP-UP Ads

Pop-up advertising is very beneficial for websites that have sales, such as e-commerce sites, or for clearing goods before a business closes for a variety of reasons. Whether not, it makes no difference if it shows on websites that have nothing to do with sales and promotions. At the same time, users will become angry if these pop-up adverts continue to display, obstructing whatever the users are reading.

Error Trend 5: NO H1 TAGs on the Homepage 

An H1 tag, also known as a heading tag, is a title that is attached to any piece of text. It’s the title that’s utilized to provide the item with the most thorough introduction possible. This feature aids users in recognizing the context of a section before reading it, and it boosts your SEO ranking, helping you to rank higher than your competitors. Missing H1 tags will reduce your rating and confuse your readers, since they may not be getting the most accurate image of what they’re viewing.

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