Being a parent is not only about baby diapers in Malaysia. It is also about caring of yourself, and making things easier for you. Parenting has tons of challenges, and you won’t be able to get through everything by just reading parenting tips online. However, before you deal with caring for your little one, and getting enough sleep for yourself, you must prepare the necessary tools you need for a comfortable, healthy pregnancy experience.

Aside from baby clothes, cribs and toys, you should also invest on maternity bras. When do you think should you start wearing one? Well, when your cups begin to feel uncomfortable, it’s time for you to go shopping. Expect to see breast changes by the fourth month of pregnancy.

Don’t purchase a bra that is too large, and lacks sufficient support. You must get a reliable brand and piece that allows more room for growth.

How to find a good fit?

A correctly-sized maternity bra will provide you with adequate support.

  • The back band must be fastened on its loosest hooks, if bought closer to the due date. That way, it can be tightened when your own ribcage starts to contract after giving birth.
  • The bra straps must feel comfortable on the shoulders–it should not too loose or too tight.
  • The nursing clips must be easy to unfasten and fasten with a single hand.
  • Your breasts must sit completely inside the cups–no spilling out on the sides or top

How to select the right style?

Just regular bras, all maternity bras come in different sizes and styles, with different price points. Make sure to the one that best suits your style. Should you go for side sling, seamless, a-frame, flexiwire or sports styles?

Wearing underwire bras during pregnancy

Wearing this type of bra is not recommended by professionals. The additional pressure from the rigid wires restrict breast movements, and increase the risks blocked mastitis and ducts. However, as long as you feel comfortable while wearing it, there is no reason why you can’t continue wearing one.