Water reducing agent

Water reducer, retarder, and Superplasticizer are concrete mixes that are added to reduce the water content in the mix or to slow the speed of setting the concrete while maintaining the flow properties of the concrete mix.

Product Name: Special Set Retarder for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PC-R)

Type: PC-R


This product is suitable for improving the performance of polyethylene Superplasticizer, including improving the compatibility of cement in the polyethylene Superplasticizer concrete, increasing the stability of the Superplasticizer, reducing concrete leakage, reducing high-quality concrete viscosity and Included. The pump ability. The product can also reduce the amount of water-reducing agents.


Set retarders are used to prevent premature hardening of the cement slurry before it reaches the area to be cemented. The set of retardants increases the cement fixing time so that the cement can be pumped in a timely manner.


1)     to improve the suitability of cement.

2)     reducing the drop in distortion; The inclusion of pumping agents can reduce distortion loss.

3)     Reduce bleeding.

4)     Reduce the viscosity of the concrete; high-quality concrete preparation can reduce the viscosity of concrete, 5)    

6) Green products: The production and use of products do not create environmental pollution in accordance with ISO14000 environmental protection and international standard management.

Ordinary Nature:

Items Specification
Visual appearance The light yellow viscous liquid


Chloride ion content (based on solid content), ≤0.6%


Na2O+0.658K2O (by solid content)% ≤5.0
Solid content% 50.0±2
Density/cm3) 1.12±0.02 g/cm3
pH value 8.0±0.5


1)     The product cannot be used alone, it can be mixed with PC-F and PC-G in a     certain ratio. The product is suitable for the formulation of high-performance polyester Superplasticizer to improve the application performance of high-performance concrete, high strength concrete, and large flow of concrete.

2) The product should be used in the Superplasticizer polyester mixer before it is used for testing, products, and formulations that can be used in concrete production should be used.

Security warning

1)     This product is weakly alkaline, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and environmentally friendly. However, it is inedible. When in contact with the human body and eyes, it should be washed immediately with water. If there is an allergy to the human body, seek medical attention in a timely manner.

2) Products should be stored in a closed container to prevent rainwater leakage and mixing or evaporation of various goods and drying.