Are you planning to have your own garden at your home in Beranang? Did the TikTok and YouTube videos that you watched have given you the idea of having your own home garden? Have you decided on what plants you are going to plant in your garden in Beranang? We would like to provide you with a few suggestions on what types of plants that you can keep in your personal home garden. This is because there are certain kinds of plants that are not advisable to keep at home because of safety measures. The type of plants that can be kept in your home garden are:


Aloe Vera

Have seen TikTok videos on how you can prevent dandruff and hair fall with aloe vera? Have you ever heard about the benefits of using aloe vera as a facial mask? We are sure that you have seen and heard about the benefits of aloe vera. That is why we would like to let you know you do not need to purchase aloe vera gel from pharmacies or from beauty care chain stores. You can plant your own aloe vera plants at home which reduces the cost of purchasing the extracted gel from stores. Aloe vera is an easy plant to take care of because you do not need to water the aloe vera plants unless the soil of the plant is dry. Besides that, ensure that the plant receives adequate sunlight and is planted at a dry place because aloe vera plants will not grow if they are planted in cold or shady places. 


Tulsi or also known as Indian basil is a plant that is commonly found in Indian households. Tulsi is planted at home because of its beneficial medicinal properties. It is better to plant tulsi at the spot that receives direct sunlight and you need to water them regularly to ensure that they can grow well. Not only that, but tulsi is also manageable because it is less demanding. Planting tulsi in your indoor garden, allows them to purify your air quality. 


Orchids can be planted both inside or outside your house as long as they are not exposed to the sunlight. Orchids provide an aesthetic look to an environment so many households are found to plant their orchids either at the corner of their living room or as decor in their bedroom. Because orchids are a type of low maintenance plant, you only need to water them once a week because excessive moisture in the plant’s soil can cause the plant to die. 


These are a few easily maintained plants that can be kept in your home garden. They can be planted either in both your outdoor garden and indoor garden. They not only provide an aesthetic look to your home but they are also beneficial to you. When you are out buying the plants for your home garden, please keep in mind the plants that are stated in this article too. You can even hire architecture firms to design the layout of your garden in your house.