Non-Fungible Tokens have recently drawn the interest of several people in many different countries, including Malaysia. In the context of cryptocurrencies, NFT is one of the investment assets. The investment world has become even more congested as a result of NFT’s debut. These digital goods are traded on the market, along with everything from tacos and toilet paper to music and artwork. They even cost millions of dollars for some of them. Their lexicon will expand as the NFT world becomes more established. “NFT Drop”  is one such instance.

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What is a NFT Drop?

The phrase “NFT drop” is used to describe the way that NFT projects are offered to investors for purchase. This phrase typically relates to the launch date, launch time, and minting price of an NFT project. NFT drops are frequently used as a strategy to attract new users and give existing users value. An investor can obtain a one-of-a-kind piece of art or digital item for a much lower cost. Unfortunately, the majority of NFT drops come with a very limited number of collections. It’s no surprise that a number of NFT drops from well-known creators are eagerly awaited and frequently contested by hundreds or even thousands of people.

On the other hand, a number of NFT creators have also requested that participants do something first in order to be prioritized for a free NFT drop. This free NFT drop is delivered in a manner similar to an airdrop. Participants may be asked to create a new account on a website, play a game on the platform, or purchase something from an online store.

How Does NFT Drop Work?

NFT drop operates on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC721 standard. This standard enables developers to create ERC721 tokens, which are NFTs. The ERC721 token itself can be used to create collectibles, games, or even digital trading cards like those found in Rare Pepe Cards or CryptoPunks. This ERC721 token can be sent as a gift to a group of people, whether they are friends or crypto enthusiasts. Because each token has a unique ID that can be traced using blockchain technology, this method works. This allows each user to confirm that they received a gift from the intended recipient and not from someone else with the same token ID.

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Buying NFT Drop Tips and Tricks

  • Never purchase NFT from unofficially registered sources or platforms.
  • Before purchasing the drop, ensure that the project is an ERC721 token.
  • Don’t buy NFTs from developers who don’t have a solid track record. Before purchasing an NFT, always conduct extensive research on the entire team behind the brand. If the maker has a good reputation, you can buy the drop with confidence because you know you are not being duped.
  • Don’t buy NFT just because it’s popular and you can afford it. This is because, as more well-known brands and artists enter NFT, demand may rise at the moment, but there is no guarantee that its value will rise in the future.
  • Make certain that you only purchase NFT that you truly enjoy. It’s fine to pay a slightly higher price for NFT as long as you’ve done extensive research and know who the person behind the project is.