In this age of technological rapidity, internet abuse is frequent and often heated is said. The issue of internet abuse that is hotly debated is the issue of browsing websites that are pornographic or called as pornography. Get the the top unifi packages in Malaysia as they blocked porn sites too! 

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What is Pornography: 

Pornography can be defined as the depiction or narration of an act in a sensual manner intended to arouse sexual desire in a pornographic manner. Previously, the way to obtain such materials was through technology from printing machines such as photos, pictures, magazines, video tapes or compact discs. But now, with the speed of technology making things like this easily spread quickly and rampant on social media, again everything is just at your fingertips. Websites that present pornography can be accessed by anyone, including youths, teenagers and children because it is free. The impact of the development of information technology has now resulted in many teenagers who are now exposed to websites that contain these immoral elements that have a negative impact on the development of the human mind and body.

The factors that cause such issues are becoming more prevalent because such websites are not strictly monitored or blocked. As a result, more and more teenagers are accessing the site, not least those who are under the age of participation. In addition, the daily activities of children who are not under parental supervision is also one of the causes of this. In this modern age, it can be seen that parents are struggling in the pursuit of their respective careers which causes their responsibilities to their children to be neglected.


What Pornography Can Lead To: 

Pornography can also lead to bad and abnormal sexual behavior. This is because viewers of pornography will try to act based on what they see and end up with results or outcomes that damage or destroy someone. Meanwhile, those who browse such websites give birth to dirty and unhealthy thoughts. Dirty thoughts make knowledge difficult to accept which causes lessons to deteriorate. There are many ways to combat this issue which is becoming more widespread, namely the authorities such as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) must play a more decisive and effective role in blocking such websites. It is not only the MCMC that needs to play their role, but the community must also be concerned and cooperate in combating this act such as reporting or making a complaint to the MCMC if there are websites that publish this act of pornography. 


How Countries Block Pornography (Example): 

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Like China, they are using software that uses ISA (Internet Security and Acceleration) to filter

each website content effectively to deal with these pornographic websites. It is clear that China, which is the largest country in Southeast Asia and has a dense population, is also capable of combating this issue. So why not for Malaysia which has this optimal population to treat the same thing as well. 


However, For Minors: 

Next, the role of parents is also important in combating these rampant pornographic websites. Parents should monitor their children while they use the internet. This virtual world has no limits, so this internet has its disadvantages. Parental monitoring is actually able to prevent children from accessing pornographic websites. Recently, parents are now able to control the internet by blocking websites that have negative elements as a measure to prevent internet users from accessing those sites.