Every time you are in a hospital, who do you see often? Roaming around, following the doctors and sometimes having a small talk with the patients.

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Ever wondered who they are? What do they supposedly do?

Yes! They are the nurses and they are the backbones of the health industry. They literally do everything that you can ever imagine.

Nurses are very important in the health industry as they play so many roles in the hospital and for the patients. Want to know what they do?

First and the most important thing is nurses have more time with the patients.

 Compared to doctors, they will only be with the patients during daily rounds in the hospital or appointment. Remember who is the first person you see each time you get into the hospital?

Yes. Nurses! They will be the person you see first and last. Nurses are also the people who are going to link you with your doctors or specialist, so they automatically will have more time with the patient. It also gives more space for the nurses to know any other symptoms that the doctors might not know. Small talks with patients might lead to something important.

Next, nurses are the people who advocate for the patients.

In some cases, patients could not understand the terms used by the doctors as it might sound too scientific. Here, nurses will help to explain for the doctors so the patient will be able to understand the situation and their condition. Other than explaining, nurses will also answer the patients’ concerns in any aspect. Medication, physical exercise and many other things. Sometimes the patients are just too scared to ask the doctors and having nurses around helps a lot.

Nurses also will be the person who talks to the patients and their caretakers and gives advice about important things. What should be their diet, how they should take their medication and any other details.

Lastly, nurses are the ones who will be responsible to operate the machines in the hospital. As the world is developing and starting to use technologies and machines to help the patients, nurses will help to operate the machines. They will have to learn how to use it and bridge the gap between traditional care and the modernized machines. Explaining to the patients how the machine works, helps to give better understanding to the patients.

All in all, nurses have become important individuals in the health and medical industry. They cater all the jobs related to patients, caretakers, machines, registration and so on. They lend ears to listen to the patients’ problems, have small talk, help the doctors and many other important things.

Everything changes over time, nurses will have to always learn and get ready to adapt with the changes. Apply for a nursing diploma in Malaysia to help you become the backbone of the health industry.