Most companies have used software, computers and the internet to expand their business from local markets to national and global markets. With the advent of e-commerce (or called e-commerce), a company or individual can conduct buying and selling transactions anywhere in the world.


E-business is now widely used especially in western countries and is even recognized by international companies and market experts as a business and marketing sector that cannot be ignored. Among the advantages of e-commerce and the Internet are:

First: Saving Costs for All 

  1. Transactions can be carried out more easily and quickly while saving costs. It helps companies to expand the market all over the world by making the world’s economy a system that is interdependent with each other.


Second: Increasing in Competitiveness in the Business Industry 

  1. Technological advances in the past few decades have greatly increased competitiveness in businesses and economies around the world. It helps to integrate all internal parts of the company with a business transaction to improve service quality as well as productivity.


Third: Help With Business Information Accuracy

  1. The use of ICT in business can also help to convey business information to relevant parties such as customers quickly in a short time traders can make promotions by advertising their products through the Internet, SMS, email and various other mediums disseminate information faster , efficiently and accurately.

Fourth: Communication Process Is Easier 


Nowadays information technology not only involves computer literacy, but it is also used in business communication processes. The sophistication of current technology should be captured by the community, especially among bumiputeras to access information as well as use the virtual world as a platform to promote business.

Fifth: Save Advertising Costs on the Entrepreneur Side 

Not only that, merchants will also be able to save on advertising costs. Entrepreneurs can now advertise their business products on social sites like Facebook and twitter quickly and effectively without having to incur huge costs. The social site can be updated at any time if there is new information about the business that wants to be conveyed to customers in particular.


More Benefits With Technology Advancement and Implementation in Business: 

  1. Always use new and innovative applications and approaches
  2. Do business regularly and systematically
  3. Be in a safe environment
  4. Go ahead and always be positive
  5. Always be prepared in a safe and informed environment
  6. Have knowledge (knowledgeable) and informed
  7. Efficient and effective management.


Implement ICT in Your Business 

If you are building a website for your company, why not consult the best Malaysia Web Design company? It is beneficial for your company. Long-term investment is needed for the growth of your company. Surely it is not that hard as long as you are on the right track of implementation. 


In A Nutshell

To conclude, the government needs to increase the number of programs that can provide awareness to traders on the importance of ICT and programs that can further improve the skills of traders on the use of ICT.