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Trending crypto news

First Term: BUILDING

BUIDL is a shortened form of HODL. It mainly refers to cryptocurrency industry participants who continue to build despite price swings. The main notion is that strong believers in the crypto business continue to grow the ecosystem despite harsh bear markets. In this sense, “BUIDLers” sincerely care about what bitcoin and cryptocurrencies may offer to the world, and they are working hard to achieve that aim.

BUIDL is a way of thinking that tries to demonstrate how cryptocurrencies are about more than just speculation, but also about delivering this tech to the public. It serves as a reminder to keep our head down and continue to construct infrastructure that will serve billions of people in the long run.


Second Term: SAFU

Trending crypto news

Users can benefit from a secure asset fund (SAFU) SAFU was inspired by a meme shared by Bizonacci. It quoted Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), who stated that “funds remain protected” during unscheduled platform maintenance.


The video quickly became popular in the cryptocurrency community. Binance has responded by establishing the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), an emergency insurance fund supported by 10% of trading fees. These monies are kept separate in a cold wallet. The concept is that the SAFU may cover the loss of user cash in severe scenarios, providing Finance users with an additional layer of protection. This is why you hear the expression “funds are safu” a lot. 


Third Term: Record-Breaking (ATH)

We don’t think we need to explain this one, do we? The All-Time High is the asset’s highest recorded price. For example, during the 2017 bull market, the ATH of Bitcoin on the Binance BTC/USDT pair was 19,798.86 USDT. This signifies that this was the highest Bitcoin price traded on this market pair.

One enticing element of an asset achieving an All-Time High is the notion that practically everyone who has ever purchased is in profit. If an asset has been in a prolonged bear market, many traders who are holding losing positions will seek to quit the market when their position is near break-even.


Fourth Term: Record-Breaking Low (ATL)

The All-Time Low (ATL), the inverse of ATH, is the lowest price of an asset. On the first day of trading, for instance, the All-Time Low of BNB was 0.5 USDT on the BNB/USDT market pair.

Breaking an asset’s All-Time Low can have the same effect as breaking an asset’s All-Time High — but in the opposite direction. Many stop orders may be triggered if the prior All-Time Low is breached, resulting in a severe drop.


Because there has been no price history underneath the previous All-Time Low, the market value can simply continue to fall, drifting lower and lower. Buying at such periods is extremely dangerous because there are no logical locations for it to end.


Fifth Term: Conduct Your Own Research (DYOR)


When it comes to the capital markets, DYOR is synonymous with Fundamental Analysis (FA). It suggests that investors should conduct their own study on their investments rather than relying on others to do it. “Don’t trust, verify” is a popular saying in bitcoin markets with a similar meaning.


This may also lead to conflicts among investors, which is a fully natural component of investing and trading. Different points of view can accommodate different techniques.