How can artificial intelligence improvements change the world of SEO? Based on an SEO Firm.

Optimizing visual web content will become even more important.

This 2019, visual web content will influence SEO even more. Search engines are getting better in acknowledging what a simple image, audio clip or video clip is all about. Remember that Google doesn’t just favor videos from Google in search engine results. They also analyze what it is all about.

Relevance and quality are new ranking components.

Google’s AI, called RankBrain, can understand the context of every web content. As search engines continue to improve at analyzing search and user intent, it becomes even more crucial to get keyword research right. Tie those vital keywords effectively in your content. Aside from keyword density, things such as context, value and relevance are now important ranking factors.

You need to get more selective with link building.

Next year, SEO marketers should focus more on quality and relevance in their backlinks. Work hard to improve the relevance of all your links. These backlink should come from the same industry and category as your website. This only means that you need to be very selective with your link building process. Look for influencers within your niche, and reach out to them to find good link opportunities.

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Web optimization would extend to voice search and mobile search.

Voice Searches

With the prevalence of mobile usage came the success of voice searches. Cortana, Google Now and Siri have become reliable virtual assistants dedicated to fulfilling all of our demands. This changes the world of SEO for the better.

Whether you are managing a personal blog or ecommerce website, make sure to integrate an effective voice search strategy. Why? Simply because voice search optimization is SEO future.

Goodbye Black Hat Strategies

Black hat techniques are becoming obsolete. These short-term strategies will never work, so you need to investing in more reliable, long-term practices. It may sound overwhelming and difficult, but with the recent changes in AI, this should become natural and intuitive.

Mobile Searches

40% of online searches now happens mobile. As a digital marketer, if you are not optimizing your content for mobile, then you are missing out on plenty of good opportunities.