1. Prove the watch’s authenticity.

If you are looking for a rare Daytona or any Rolex watch for that matter, you need to check of the dial is really authentic. You can establish its authenticity by carefully examining the timepiece. Be very thorough with this, since there are tons of counterfeits out there.

2. Assess the dial’s condition.

Now that you know that the dial is original, it’s time to evaluate its condition. See to it that it is in good condition. The most important thing to remember here is to look for heterogeneous, undesirable defects like missing luminous dots, scratches and stains.

3. Check the dial’s age.

A curse in vintage Rolex watches comes with tons of spare parts known as service parts. Service parts are authentic and approved by luxury watch brand. It is often fitted in their timepieces as replacement parts. The thing is, since this happened after the piece’s initial production, the presence of service parts decreases the watch’s overall value. To accomplish this task, examine the lume on the timepiece’s dial.

4. Examine the bracelet.

Looking for a vintage mechanical watch in Malaysia, vintage or not, is not easy. There are tons of detail to check. The bracelet is one of the aspects that need your utmost focus. You can find its reference number near the top lugs. Examining the bracelet would give you a good glimpse of its production years that you can compare with the date code.

5. Check the accompanying papers and box.

You would be surprised to know that papers and the box are not definite proofs of authenticity. It is just a good add-on that can increase the watch’s value. Blank papers and vintage boxes can be bought in many places like eBay. The thing you need to watch out for are vintage Rolex watches with a modern boxes, as well as non-matching serial numbers. Obviously, these are huge red flags.