1. “How do you deal with demanding, difficult clients?”

For many event planners, the customer is always right. So, you need to be careful in asking this question. Event planning is a very people-centric career, where good customer service is key to success. Think about your previous event planning experience, and share to your interviewer some learning points.

2. “How do you deal with stress?”

Every event planning routine is a stressful one. Good stress management is crucial to your success as an event planner. The best event companies in Malaysia would want to make sure that they are not wasting their time hiring someone who can’t hack difficulties. Reassure them that you can thrive well under pressure.

3. “What do you do during your spare time? Any hobby outside work?”

Your job interview may start with this simple, light question. Your answer to this inquiry would give the interviewer an initial insight into the kind of person that you are. The most crucial thing here is to show them that are you are an interesting person with a passion for life.

4. “Have you tried working on multiple projects all at the same time? How do you manage the workload?”

Many professionals work on different event management projects at once. It can be overwhelming, but with the right experience and knowledge, you can do it well. Prove to them that you are good with multitasking. What the interviewer would want to hear is the attitude towards taking a bigger workload.

5. “What criteria do you use in prioritizing tasks?”

Share to them the time management techniques you are using. This question is important to evaluate your experience and judgement in terms of accomplishing to-do lists. Get your answer from your past experiences and learning points. This is a great opportunity to mention some of your successful projects, and what you did to manage each deadline.