1. Create compelling infographics.

Numbers and facts are good, but they can also be uninteresting and dull. If you are thinking of a new way of providing these information to your audience, create infographics. Infographics are informative and eye-catching. This is a popular social media marketing tactic in Malaysia that is worth including in your social marketing strategy.

2. Reuse your old content.

Are you looking for affordable social media content? Why not repurpose your old blog posts? You may think that this wouldn’t make a positive impact on your strategy, but it is actually a great social media marketing technique.

3. Use videos.

More and more businesses are now using engaging video content to promote their services and products. You can do this at a low budget! Videos don’t need to have high-end production to be effective. Just make sure to highlight all your offerings. How-to, educational and instructional videos are good ideas.

4. Implement a good email marketing strategy.

Several digital marketers still believe that email marketing is still very much effective in generating more sales and leads. Make the most out of your email list. Send newsletters to your subscribers, and let them know if you are offering discounts.

5. Send personalized messages.

Who doesn’t love getting personalized messages? Online business owners must be able to reach out to their potential and existing customers in a unique way, so make sure to explore this tip. At this day and age, customers favor authentic brands that connect with them well. By sending them personalized messages, you can kickstart an instant connection.