The city of Malacca, Malaysia (now known as Melaka), holds a lot of promise simply
because of its rich history. So much so that it is deemed as one of UNESCO’s world
heritage sites a few years ago.

Anyway, there are plenty of things that you can do here and in this article, I will highlight
some of the things that you must discover in this place. You do not have to travel alone
as you can acquire a gorgeous girl escort to accompany you.

Visit the Dutch Square

Also known as the Red Square, the Dutch Square is one of the most iconic places in
Melaka simply because you can find a lot of historical remnants of the past Dutch
colonization era.

It is called Red Square for a reason and that is because most of the buildings here are
colored red. Anyway, you can take photos of just about any building that you can come
across with and you can either traverse the entire area by foot or ride one of their
colorful and beautifully-designed trishaw rides instead.

Experience What Jonker Street Has to Offer

Jonker Street happens to be one of the most iconic places that foreigners visit in
Melaka. That is because, during the day, you can find many museums that you can go
to so that you can learn a piece of history (as well as having the time to worship your gods).

In addition, the entire street turns into a bustling night market in the evening and you
can find an assortment of different foods on offer.

You can sample some of the amazing chicken rice balls, coconut snacks, and you can
cool down by having a single serving of delicious cendol.

Admire the Street Art

When you just take a walk around the entire city, you will find a lot of amazing street art
that was done by the local artists. You can find plenty of them scattered all over the city
and they are definitely worthy of your Instagram.

Take a Cruise or Walk Along the Melaka River
You can take a 45-minute river cruise down the Melaka River to experience what the
city has to offer- all without breaking a sweat.

Alternatively, you can take a walk along the riverbanks to experience the same. While
you are strolling, you might find a place to eat that you want to visit afterward.

Go to St. Paul’s Church

Located just a few minutes away from Casa Del Rio is the infamous St. Paul’s Church.
This church has a long history as it was first occupied by the Portuguese and then later
used by the Dutch to store their artillery.

It is one of the most unique churches in the world since it has an open-roof design and it
holds a lot of promise as well.

Visit the Melaka Palace

Just a short distance away from St. Paul’s Church is the Melaka Palace. This is actually
not a palace but more of a museum where you can find relics and information about the city.