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If you are afraid of investing money on something, you must be more practical in life. What will you do for that money in the future? How? Well, there are important things you really need to learn from these smart investment tips especially for the beginners.


Before investing you must consider to have investment plans. The more you have focused on your plans, the better. It is so much important of having a better plans before investing. These plans must also consider financial goals, timeframes, risks, and the affordability. Be more practical in everything you do because investing is not that easy as what the other have said.

Always start with the basics.

Always starts from the basics in order you as well as the investors will understand about everything specifically Sometimes, many of the newly investors have mistakenly believed on making money in the market and investing in an individual stock but that is not true. You must also consider smart moves especially for the beginners on which and not to avoid individual stocks. It takes a lot process and you have a long way to go when investing until the time that you were already aware of the strategies. One of the best keys is to identify which companies have a strong competitive advantages trading.

Invest regularly to minimize losses.

It is really impossible in choosing a perfect time to invest and/or beating the market. As long as you’ll never buy at the lowest point consistently, you’ll never sell at the highest point. That’s why most of the experts are recommending for every beginners to improve their chances of a maximizing return by drip-feeding their money into funds regularly.


Undeniably, most of the people who are beginners in investing are not ready to put their money into an investment. Actually, putting all your earnings into an investment is not the best idea to do. For you able to learn, one of the best methods of protecting your capital is to diversify.

Seeking a financial advice.

This is one of the best tips for every beginners out there could apply to it in the real life of investing. They must consider that seeking to the most experienced when it comes to investing, ask for an advice for you able to learn from them on what to do and not to do. Why do you need to seek them? It’s because they already know everything and could give you the best things to do. This is to ensure that everything is going smooths well and do not put your money to nothing.

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“The house dependably wins” is a standout amongst the most infamous expressions in the betting business. One reason for that being such a normally utilized expression is that club realize how to get individuals to bet more, yet what are the strategies utilized by gambling clubs to get that going?

Stop the Clocks

A standout amongst the most clear traps utilized by a club to unpretentiously urge players to bet more is the absence of clocks inside the gambling club premises. It is a unique little something that is so obtrusively clear when you see it yet until someone calls attention to out, you are so caught up as far as you can tell that you haven’t understood there is certainly not a solitary clock or clock on the casino floor. This aides towards giving players a chance to forget about time so they are in the club betting such as Mega888 for possibly longer than they foreseen.

Feed the “Whales”

This strategy is additionally offered to players that aren’t really considered “whales” yet win huge. The arrangement there is for the club to keep the player wagering at the casino for more, so they may lose cash in the present moment on reciprocal offers yet will recover the misfortunes because of the player proceeding to bet at the club.

Lights, Sound, and Action!

Wherever you look there are winning ringers going off and machines telling players they have won. This is on the grounds that gambling clubs need players to feel like they are entering a hive of accomplishment. Indeed, even a little win is immensely celebrated with glimmering lights and blasting sound. No one needs to leave such a heaven!

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Wedding Planning

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How To Choose the Right Wedding Planner For You

Choosing precisely how to pick a wedding organizer is no little accomplishment. While each couple positively needs an organizer who’s accomplished and proficient, it’s additionally critical to discover somebody you by and by snap with from the get-go. Finding the correct master who fits the majority of the above mentioned—also, works inside your financial plan—may have a craving for scanning for a needle in a pile, however, take a murmur of help since we have you secured.

Kick back and go for notes as we stroll you through how to pick a wedding organizer so you can sign the spotted line without pushing.

Use your assets.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for another beautician or a creator of wedding veils, there’s not at all like an individual reference inside your very own system to comfort your brain. With regards to how to pick a wedding organizer, swing to your loved ones for proposals and you may be enjoyably shocked by the number of value drives that come to your direction. You can even grow that system to incorporate your online associations and put a get down on about web-based social networking.

Likewise, take make sure to exploit online merchant audits through your most loved wedding arranging sites. View yourself as Instagram-adroit? Have a go at seeking city-explicit wedding organizer hashtags for significantly progressively new leads.

Research their online nearness.


Discovered a wedding organizer who may be a solid match? Make the following stride with some web-based sleuthing to look at their site, portfolio, blog, and web-based life.

This is an extraordinary chance to get a strong handle of their feel and style, alongside their “image voice” and style of correspondence. Has their work been distributed on any websites or online magazines? Search for those desired “As Seen In” identifications on their site as another sign of incredible work.

In the event that you’ve discovered an organizer who’s truly in contact with online networking, you may even have the capacity to sneak a live look at a customer’s big day on their Instagram or Facebook stories.

Get together face to face.

While virtual correspondence is an ideal beginning stage, you can just get so far by means of email. In contemplating how to pick a wedding organizer, you should attempt to meet eye to eye before contracting.

In the event that you’ve altogether reviewed their work on the web and need to push ahead, recommend an in-person meeting as the subsequent stage before booking. Much the same as any prospective employee meet-up situation, an eye to eye meeting will give you a vastly improved feeling of their identity and regardless of whether they’d be a useful expansion to your seller group.

Make extraordinary inquiries.


When your calendar that previously mentioned face to face meeting, make sure to accompany a rundown of inquiries that address all of your worries. Going into a wedding organizer meet with zero arrangement will undoubtedly abandon you bothered, so set aside an opportunity to write down what makes a difference most to you and your life partner.

For instance, does your organizer have experience working at your specific venue? How frequently will your meet and impart all through the arranging procedure? Additionally, does your organizer work solo upon the arrival of or with a group of colleagues?

On the off chance that you need some extra consolation, don’t be reluctant to approach a wedding organizer for rundown past customer references. Most organizers will gladly oblige, and you’ll have the capacity to hear straightforwardly from couples who can give you an impartial survey.

Cautiously read the agreement

While thinking about how to discover a wedding organizer, maybe the most imperative point is to peruse the agreement from start to finish. We know it’s drilling to filter out pages of desk work yet it’s so basic to comprehend what administrations you’re really getting so there are no curve balls en route.

Ensure you’re mindful of how this specific organizer handles things like evaluating as well as extra charges, day away from work set-up and tear down, and reinforcement plans for severe climate.

Guarantee your identities work


Toward the day’s end, you need to contract a wedding organizer you’ll genuinely appreciate working and teaming up with. This is somebody you’ll be investing a lot of energy with paving the way to the wedding, so ensure it’s a solid match on both an expert and individual dimension.

If all else fails, stop and complete a fair gut check. Inquire as to whether this will be this somebody your need figuratively (or even actually) holding your hand amid one of the greatest days of your life. Answer with a resonating yes? Feel free to pop the bubbly since you’ve formally discovered the wedding organizer who’s directly for you.

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Do you have huge plans for your brand and business? Then, a website should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. Whether you are managing a huge enterprise or a small home-based business, you will surely benefit from a good website. Below are other reasons why you need to have a website, and you should consider having a web developer.


  • A website allows you to compete.  


All your competitors are thriving online. If you’re not employing the same tactics, they are gaining an edge over you. Unsure where to begin? Look at what your competitors are doing. Learn from them their strategies.


  • A website establishes brand loyalty, influence, credibility and trust.


You need a website to showcase your best works, your business purpose and clients. This is crucial in order to build rapport with prospective clients. Whether you are running a simple business or a huge brand, people would want to know more about you. Give them all the information they need for them to trust you.


  • Your website is your own platform.  


It’s important to have your very own platform. Don’t establish your brand on someone else’s virtual space. Your own website is your own base, and only you can control everything about it.


  • A website is an effective marketing tool.  


Whether you are working or not, you web pages are up attracting more and more visitors. It can run 24/7 without any supervision. Your website is an efficient tool that can tell people about your business’ purpose at any time of the day.


  • Google is the very first place every person checks.  


Every person runs to Google for almost every inquiry. If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on various promising opportunities. It’s time for you to embrace the power of the digital landscape. Bring your business online now.

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Keno Systems and Way Tickets

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The System of Keno

Keno is often considered as a bad bet, depending on its high casino edge as similar to live casino Malaysia. Its house edge is around 28%, and is not designed to be furious and fast. In this game, you can select your own figures, and play against the house. The best thing about this game is that, it is affordable to play.

Keno Systems and Way TicketsWay Tickets

Through a straight ticket, you can select from numbers 1 to 15, and then win in accordance to how many figures hit. Clearly, with a number 1 ticket, you can hit the figure in order to win 3 times your bet.

A way ticket includes more than 1 set of figures as a bet.

190-Way Eight

This is a popular ticket for many years now. Also, several casinos still allow players to play the 190-way eight, as well as the 120-way 10 in just 10 cents every way.

Keno Systems and Way TicketsTickets Expire

Before, Keno was accomplished entirely by hand. You need to get your winnings from the game, before the next one starts. At present, many casinos honor tickets. Always check before leaving the Keno counter.

Multiple Games

Since several games are now managed through computer systems, you can play several games, and assess the winnings later on. Keno is a relaxing, fun game that you can play in just a few dollars.

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Artificial Intelligence’s Role in SEO’s Future

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How can artificial intelligence improvements change the world of SEO? Based on an SEO Firm.

1. Optimizing visual web content will become even more important.

This 2019, visual web content will influence SEO even more. Search engines are getting better in acknowledging what a simple image, audio clip or video clip is all about. Remember that Google doesn’t just favor videos from Google in search engine results. They also analyze what it is all about.

2. Relevance and quality are new ranking components.

Google’s AI, called RankBrain, can understand the context of every web content. As search engines continue to improve at analyzing search and user intent, it becomes even more crucial to get keyword research right. Tie those vital keywords effectively in your content. Aside from keyword density, things such as context, value and relevance are now important ranking factors.

3. You need to get more selective with link building.

Next year, SEO marketers should focus more on quality and relevance in their backlinks. Work hard to improve the relevance of all your links. These backlink should come from the same industry and category as your website. This only means that you need to be very selective with your link building process. Look for influencers within your niche, and reach out to them to find good link opportunities.

Female Computer User (#5) by oksmith

4. Web optimization would extend to voice search and mobile search.

Voice Searches
With the prevalence of mobile usage came the success of voice searches. Cortana, Google Now and Siri have become reliable virtual assistants dedicated to fulfilling all of our demands. This changes the world of SEO for the better.

Whether you are managing a personal blog or ecommerce website, make sure to integrate an effective voice search strategy. Why? Simply because voice search optimization is SEO future.

Goodbye Black Hat Strategies

Black hat techniques are becoming obsolete. These short-term strategies will never work, so you need to investing in more reliable, long-term practices. It may sound overwhelming and difficult, but with the recent changes in AI, this should become natural and intuitive.

Mobile Searches
40% of online searches now happens mobile. As a digital marketer, if you are not optimizing your content for mobile, then you are missing out on plenty of good opportunities.

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If you are looking for a quick and last minute getaway near the metropolitan city in KL, but not really planning in venturing to head extremely far; Haven Restaurant at the Look Out Point in Ampang is the right place for you and your family or friends. Haven Restaurant is a restaurant at Look Out Point, located on the hills between Ampang and Ulu Langat which has undoubtedly the amazing panoramic vision of Kuala Lumpur.

The Look Out Point or Menara Tinjau is rare as it is the peak point of Kuala Lumpur at above 280m beyond sea level and a certified tourist attraction area. Tucked at the corner of Look Out Point, surrounded by stunning flora as well as tall trees and together with the cool winds blowing, you probably will think you are now at Cameron Highland instead of at the top of the hill in Ampang. The spectacular night view of KL skyline will definitely blow your mind away where you can see the majestic fine-looking Twin Towers, KL Towers and also every part of the illumination of KL beneath you.

Haven Restaurant is an exquisite locality en route for brunch, lunch, tea or dinner especially with its stunning nigh view and lovely ambience. The point of view is lovely especially during sunsets and a spectacular view at night. Another specialty of Haven Restaurant is they also provide a live band to accompany their customers while enjoying their meals. Usually, the live band will change every week and customers can enjoy a different kind of live music whether it is local music or international. Thus, this is a great place for music lovers to hang out, grab good food and you will appreciate the ultimate entertainment.


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Haven presents an excellent range of your most favourite foods – freshly cooked and prepared by our chefs. The menu is made of comfort cuisine to inspire you en route for return. From local favourites that you always craved for, alluring western food and the tang of barbeque grilled lamb, chicken as well as fresh fish. Some of the specialties include Tom Yam Fried Rice – interesting elegant fried rice, rich amid flavors, peppered with just the right amount of condiments and spice; other bestseller includes Special Mamak Mee – the sort you would obtain at your all-time favourite stall, however, at Haven Restaurant, they serve Char Koay Teow, Cantonese Yee Mee and more. It has a wide range of Western favourites including Grilled thyme lamb chops and Chicken Chop, which is attractive, furthermore cooked towards perfection, also its amazing Sirloin Steak is first-rate. During weekends, they also serve BBQ grilled menu which is freshly grilled at the yards among the whiff of barbeque and in addition, its appetising sauces will drive your appetite crazy.

Furthermore, what is interesting is the prices are awfully good enough ranging from RM 7 to RM 25 for any food served here. Haven Restaurant also has a variety of beverages at the bar, including our favourites coffee and tea to end the meals. One of its signature beverages is the Orange and Lemon Fizzy which has becomes the local’s favourite. Shisha is also available and this restaurant is the tourists’ choice who love to take a sip of their Shisha while being fascinated by the night view.

Fancy an ideal retreat after work with your loved ones while enjoying both scrumptious dinner and nightlife in KL? Head over to Haven Restaurant.


Haven Restaurant
Address: Lot 1A & 1B (Look Out Point),
Pusat Pelancongan Menara Tinjau,
Jalan Ampang – HuluLangat,
Bukit Langat, Hulu Langat,
43100, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel. number: 016 – 2323 999

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